handcrafted decorative wooden chapati roti bread rolling board
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Shesham Round Chapati Board


This round board and a rolling pin has been handcrafted from the exotic sheesham wood, the surface was sanded several times and treated with beeswax for final finish. It is ideal for making chapatis, rotis, parathas, tortillas or any other pastry that requires a round shape. You can also use it as a cutting board to slice and chop your food or use it to serve appetizers. The lovely wood grain not only looks great, but it also makes a great prep surface that is easy on knives. 

Made Of Shesham Wood, Beeswax Finish
Made In India
Measures 10” diameter, 2″ height, 22” long rolling pin

Out of stock

This round board and a rolling pin has been handcrafted by the indian artisan Khizar H. from exotic sheesham wood. 

The Indian craftsman

conceives of his art not as his own, nor as the accumulated skill of ages, but as originating in the divine skill of Viśwákarma and revealed by him.

Weight2.8 lbs
Dimensions22 x 10 x 2 in

Shesham Wood




Clean it with a damp cloth and soap. Do not immerse it in water or put it in a dishwasher. Periodically apply mineral oil (available at drug stores) with a cloth in the direction of the grain, and allow it to soak in. After 10 minutes, remove surface oil with a dry cloth.