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hand painted healing spelt husk pillow covers from czech republic black orange
husk handmade pillow - Bliss

Hand-Painted Healing Pillow ‘Bliss’


This 100% eco-friendly pillow filled with organically grown spelt husks is not just beautiful & cozy but also beneficial for your body and well-being. The creator hand-painted the cover with golden spiral motif using brushes, toothpicks and pin-heads and heat set the motif to ensure its durability. Placing it on selected parts of the body can alleviate joint, back, neck pains, headaches and also improves your mood or tension in your body. Many people experience it’s gentle and tranquilizing effect thanks to it’s pleasant and fresh smell alone.

Envelope closure on the back.

Made Of 100% Natural Czech Cotton, organically grown Spelt husks
Made In Czech Republic
Measures 14″ diameter, 4″ height

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The creator Ivana O. from Czech Republic handcrafts these pillows from solid natural unbleached Czech cotton, fills them with spelt husks organically grown in Czech Republic and hand-paints the cover with spiral motifs. 

What is Spelt?

Spelt is an ancient form of wheat that can be cultivated without chemical fertilizers because it has good immunity to fungus and pests. Consuming it can regulate the digestive system because it’s easily absorbed and contains many nutrients.

Spelt pillows have been used for many decades. The healing properties of spelt were glorified by Hildegarda von Bingen, the founder of scientific natural history in Germany in the 12th century. She filled cotton bags with spelt and used them as pillows.

Health Benefits of Spelt Pillows

The elastic grains of spelt mold to the shape of the head and body.
Spelt supports muscles and improves circulation, helps with cystitis and rheumatic pains and  has extraordinary rehabilitation properties. 

It also helps with Improving blood circulation, preventing formation of varicose veins, increasing resistance to colds, strengthening immunity, supporting digestive system, moderates frequency of asthma attacks and supports kidney functions.

Organic spelt pillows are also recommended for people with allergies because spelt doesn’t attract allergens. It’s high content of silicic acid can have a positive influence on biofields.

“Spirals are magical, mysterious and they fill you with unique energy … “

says Ivana O. who lives with her husband and two small children in a former water mill building in the picturesque village of Kopanice.

Weight1.5 lbs
Dimensions14 x 14 x 4 in

100% Natural Czech Cotton


Czech Republic


Machine-wash the removable cover inside out on a 30 degrees cycle and iron on the reverse side on medium heat. Please do not bleach, tumble dry or dry clean.
Expose the pillow to fresh air and sun, you can also place pillow on a heater for the husks to accumulate energy which is then transmitted into the human body.