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Chawan (dark Amber)


In the world of Japanese traditional ceramics, there is not one form held in higher esteem than a chawan – a “mere” bowl used to serve whipped green tea. The best and most valuable bowls are thrown by hand, just like this one. Irregularities and imperfections are prized and are often featured prominently as the “front” of the bowl. Each of these bowls is unique in itself and expresses the individuality of the maker’s hand. Distinctive variations of ash glaze give these designs an idiosyncratic beauty of their own.

Made Of stoneware clay
Made In Czech Republic
Measures approx. 4 – 4.5” diameter, 2.5″ hight

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Our Chawan at Kabineto was handcrafted in Czech Republic by Frantisek H.. At his Bohemian countryside studio, Frantisek fires these Chawan’s in a Japanese Anagama Kiln for 46 hours & then exposes it directly to the smoke from the fire at temperatures of up to 2500°F. The fly ash, volatile salts and the clay metamorphosed – altogether creates a spectacular ash glaze. The firing technique allows air admission into the kiln and this leads to iron oxides within the clay which is a significant part of the coloring process. 

“I fire ceramics in my two self-made furnaces…”

Frantisek graduated from the Czech university for Conservation and Restoration of Ceramics. Besides the Japanese techniques Raku and Anagama, he also specializes in the reproduction of medieval pottery, mainly Gothic.

Weight0.5 lbs
Dimensions4.5 x 4.5 x 2.5 in



Czech Republic


Dishwasher safe