Our Philosophy

Kabineto is a modern and personal approach to retail. We partner with established and emerging designers and artisans in Europe and India (which also happens to be our hometowns) to produce a highly curated collection of lifestyle items in small batch runs.

Each of our products has been ethically and meticulously crafted by hand, using natural, local materials, demonstrating the unique skill of the maker and supporting one-of-a-kind pieces in a world of homogenized mass production.

There is no middleman between us and the maker. This is how we are able to offer handcrafted objects made with the highest quality materials at lower prices than traditional luxury boutiques.

We celebrate the people behind our products, we love to share their stories and faces with you because we believe that your personal space deserves designs with a soul, a heart, and a purpose.  

For any questions or issues please contact us at 310 849 3683 or mykabineto@gmail.com